Norton Gumbo

Hi, my name is Norton and I’m the other guy trying to make nutrition accessible to everyone. My passion for health and fitness developed as I grew up playing sports (basketball and soccer) and being physically active. I was a year-round athlete growing up and was always on the move from one season to the next.

My level of activity changed once I began going to college. Since I wasn’t as active as I was growing up, I was almost a victim of the infamous freshman 15. This is when I really started paying attention to my nutrition.

Just like most people who try to dive into nutrition, I entered a world of information overload and contradicting articles about best practices. I was so overwhelmed by the information that I often gave up on trying to learn the proper way to eat because there was never a concrete answer.

For this reason, Martin and I joined forces to make nutrition accessible to everyone. I believe that nutrition is such an important aspect of daily life and functionality that people shouldn’t be overwhelmed by trying to eat properly. For whichever reason a person may be looking to eat well, I’m driven to help individuals reach their goals in order to help them achieve their optimum self.