Mid-April App Updates to Papaya Health

Happy Mid-April! This week we’re excited to announce a few updates to Papaya Health. When you log in to Papaya Health, you will notice a few new things:

You can remove clients from your account

In the clients page, you now have the ability to remove clients. To remove a client, click on the “trash can” icon next to the client you’d like to remove. You will then be presented with a dialog box that will ask you to confirm the action.

Please note that if you accidentally remove a user from your account, you’ll need to contact us to re-add the client since this functionality currently does not exist.

New menu plan actions

In the menu plan screen, you will notice that things have changes. Menu plans now show up in the list as boxes. To view a menu plan, hover over the name and click. When you hover over each box, two new options will show up – the ability to copy a menu plan (double box icon) and the ability to delete a menu plan (the trash can icon).

Besides the design changes, all the other functionality on this screen remains the same.

Coming soon

At this time, we’re in active development of “version 2” of our recommendation engine (the system that automatically creates menu plans). With this new update, we will be expanding the control that you have over the creation of menus so you can further tailor menus for each client. We’re incorporating all the feedback we’ve received during the past year into this update so we’re very excited to be working on this major update to our platform! We expect to roll out this new version over the summer, in phases. So stay tuned, and as always, please let us know if you have ideas for us!