Martin Ronquillo

Hi! My name is Martin and I’m co-founder of Papaya. The idea for Papaya was inspired by my own wellness journey. Most people don’t know that I struggled with my weight and confidence for most of my life.

For eight years, I tried to lose weight with many diets. Each time that I stopped a diet, I quickly gained all the weight back and then some. It wasn’t until 2013 that I realized that I needed to make a real and lasting change.

Martin in April 2013

It was this photo, taken in spring of 2013, that made me realize that I needed to make serious changes in my life. Clearly what I had been doing for years was not working. Nearly a decade of trying random diets and workouts had led me this path. At my height of 5′ 5″, I was a few pounds from being considered obese. I had chronic body aches and always felt bloated.

My poor physical state had a big impact on my confidence. I was ashamed for looking how I did and was uncomfortable with my body. In fact, I had always been uncomfortable with how I looked and how my clothes fit me. All through my school years, I was a chubby kid.

What’s more, I felt that I was intelligent enough to figure out how to eat in a way that would allow me to be healthy. Since then, I’ve learned that I had the mental strength to change my life. What was missing was the tools and guidance for me to make the change that I wanted.

One night in late 2013, I was randomly browsing the internet, attempting to find ways to reinvent my life. I was depressed and couldn’t sleep. It was then, through reading countless blog posts, that I discovered meal planning. This one discovery transformed my life completely.

One year later, I weighed 55 pounds less. I was happier that I had ever been, and felt so much better, both physically and mentally.

By taking ownership of my nutrition, I built the confidence to know that I could take care of myself. This one change has led to a wave of other changes in my life, from tweaking my mindset to be more positive, to becoming more consistent with exercise.

With Papaya, my mission is to create tools that inspire and guide people to embrace wellness as the foundation of leading fulfilling and meaningful lives.

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