About us

Together, we can make good nutrition accessible to everyone

At Papaya, we believe good nutrition is the foundation of healthy living.

Few of us are exposed to reliable nutrition education. For clients, this poses a major challenge. Although nutrition can make the difference between a healthy life and deteriorating outcomes, it can be difficult to help individuals make positive changes.

Our platform is built from the ground up to support and motivate gradual behavior changes. Ultimately, individuals develop greater self-efficacy and take ownership of their eating habits.

We’re on a mission to make nutrition easy, fun, and accessible to those who need it the most. Will you join us?

Our team

We’re a small and driven team with combined experience in technology, nutrition, and fitness. We are passionate about helping people create and sustain healthy lifestyles.

Martin Ronquillo


Norton Gumbo


Papaya can save you hours a week and enable you to help clients create positive eating habits