Simple meal planning

For Positive Health Outcomes

Enable patients to take control of their nutrition. Benefit from improved health outcomes and reduced cost of care.

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Create meal plans in seconds

Spend more time with patients and less time planning their meals. Our intelligent software automatically creates meal plans you can share with your patients.

Improve compliance with an intuitive app

Patients access their meal plans and track their nutritional intake with a simple-to-use app. Recipes and shopping lists are provided for all meal plans.

Enable patients to achieve dietary self-efficacy

Patients learn positive eating habits to improve their health. Papaya helps you suggest healthier foods that patients will enjoy.

Monitor patient progress in between visits

Health happens in between visits. Keep track of patient progress, communicate with patients, and get notified when patients are struggling.

Improved health outcomes and lowered costs

Patients experience improved health outcomes resulting in happier patients and better care at a lower cost for your team.

Papaya can aid your team in helping patients create positive eating habits

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